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TENS Unit Rental

What is a TENS unit?
TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) provides mild electrical impulses  transmitted through the skin via small sticky pads. TENS units are used widely throughout Europe – they show great success in reducing pain sensations during labor.

What does the TENS unit feel like?
The pads transmit a buzzy feeling, similar to a strong shower jet. The intensity of the unit is controlled by the birthing person.

Who controls the TENS unit?
The birthing person controls the unit.

What are the benefits of the TENS in labor?
A TENS unit can reduce pain while allowing the birthing person to remain clear-headed. It provides freedom of movement, helps postpone or avoid epidural, and there is no documented harm to the birthing person or baby.

Who benefits most from using a TENS unit?
TENS units are great for birthing people experiencing prolonged pre-labor, those who want an unmedicated/minimally medicated birth, and VBAC clients.

When do you need to start using the TENS unit?
Early in labor. The earlier use begins, the more effective it is.

​Where are the TENS pads placed?
Two are placed on the bra line on either side of the spine and two are placed in the middle of the panty line. (see picture)

The TENS unit should not be used if you...

  • Are not full term

  • Have inflamed skin/rash on the area where TENS stimulating pads would be applied 

  • Have a pacemaker

  • Are in a shower or bath (you can remove and reapply pads once you’re dried off)

  • Have a seizure disorder

TENs on Mom.jpg

​What do I need to do to use your TENS unit?
Your provider will need to sign a consent form before I will be able to have you use the TENS unit. The consent form includes information for your provider to make an informed recommendation about whether the unit is medically safe for you to use. The earlier you can have this conversation with your provider the better: Your provider can determine if there is a medical reason why you should not use it.

​What does the rental include?
Rental includes a meeting with you, your birth partner and me to discuss the TENS unit and show you where and how to apply the stimulating pads. You receive one set of four new sticky pads and an information sheet for your provider. Rental allows you to receive the unit two weeks before your due date, and free pickup by me after your birth.

How much is the rental?
Rental cost is $100 up front; $50 is returned when I receive the TENS unit back in working order. If you are booking me as your birth doula, use of my TENS unit is complimentary.

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