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Doula Care


Doula care is an investment in yourself, your family and your birth experience. How you are cared for during labor and delivery – and the resulting physical and emotional outcome – can have a significant impact on the start of your parenting journey. Invest in your well-being.

My costs:

$900 – First-time birthing person / VBAC
$800 - Second+ time birthing person
$700 - Repeat client

If serving as your doula requires me to travel more than 40 miles outside my usual service area, there is an additional $50 fee. (see image to the right)

This may seem like a big price tag, but doula work is hard! Depending on the length of a client’s labor, it sometimes means I earn less than minimum wage if you break the cost down by the hour. I am on call 24/7 for two weeks prior to your due date until the baby is born (my longest on-call experience was five weeks: baby came three weeks after the estimated due date!). That means adjusting my plans so I can leave at the drop of a hat, not having more than a glass of wine, not traveling more than an hour away. On top of my time, there are costs related to maintaining certification, continuing education, taxes, gas, childcare, and the physical items I bring to labors (high-energy snacks, battery-powered fan, reusable hot packs, etc.). That said, everyone deserves a doula. If my services are out of reach financially, please contact me to see if we can set up a payment plan.

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TENS Unit Rental

Rental cost is $100 up front; $50 is returned when I receive the TENS unit back in working order. If you are booking me as your birth doula, use of my TENS unit is complimentary.

Payments Accepted

Venmo - @ShannonBrownDoulaServices
PayPal - link below

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