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Birth Doula Care

Let’s talk.
If you’re considering doula care, I’d love to talk with you, or you and your partner together – whichever you prefer to start. I will meet you in your home or another location that’s comfortable for you. During this free consultation, we’ll discuss what’re looking for in a doula, ensure our personalities are a good fit, and be sure I’m available during your expected birth window. Unsure what to ask during our meeting? Click here for a guide to hiring a doula. 

And let’s keep talking.
Once you’ve committed to my services, I’m available by phone, text or email to answer questions throughout your pregnancy or in the immediate postpartum period (baby’s first week of life).

Planning ahead.
During one or two prenatal visits in your home, we’ll take time to discuss your vision for your birth experience and any concerns you’d like to address. I provide unbiased information so you can form your own opinions and make informed decisions that are right for you.

It’s time.
Two weeks before and two weeks after your estimated due date, I’m committed to you – on call 24/7. My day job and my family are fully supportive of my doula role and I can step away when you need me. During this window, I ensure I’m no more than an hour away from your planned delivery location, unless something else is agreed upon.

Baby, it’s you.
I stay for one to two hours following your baby’s birth. During this time, I provide a wide range of assistance – getting breastfeeding started, helping you in and out of the shower when possible, and/or helping you pack and move your belongings to another room if you’re in a hospital with separate labor and postpartum spaces – letting you relax and maximize time with your new arrival.

"Serving as a birth doula is my passion and feeds my soul. Every person deserves a doula!"                     

                                               -Shannon Brown, BA, CD(DONA)


Just stopping by.
A week to 10 days after your birth, I’ll make a home visit. This gives you and your partner the opportunity to discuss the experience and clarify any details you don't recall. 

Need more help?
Some clients find they need help during pregnancy or in the post-partum period, whether it’s in-home assistance during unexpectedly prescribed bedrest, or early-intervention services for a newborn. I can provide referrals to services in our community if your need is out of my scope of practice.

As a Doula, I  Do Not:
  • Make decisions for you

  • Project my own beliefs on your experience

  • Provide medical care

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